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The Stereocam System
Design and Implementation

Kevin Pulo

November, 1999
$Id: stereocam-implementation.lyx,v 1.8 1999/11/25 14:29:32 kev Exp kev $


The Stereocam system is a comprehensive tool and modular framework for dealing with stereo imagery in many combinations of input and output devices, for both static and dynamically changing stereo images. It aims to assist in all stages of stereo imagery processing, from input to output. A specific goal is to assist with displaying stereo video, obtained from dual cameras separated by a parallax.

This document details the design and implementation of the Stereocam system in the initial reference implementation. The system is based on the specifications and design detailed in [1], with many alterations and enhancements. This document is a revised version of [1], containing the updated version of the design and details of the implementation itself.

Kevin Pulo