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6.1.1 Streaming StereoImages across a network -- InputNetwork and OutputNetwork modules

The system, in its present state, is about ready to handle transferring images across the network. This would require an InputNetwork and OutputNetwork module at each end of the connection, in a similar fashion to how network synchronisation is currently carried out in the InputVlCamera module. The modules would only be required to handle one component of the StereoImages, as the InputDual module could be used at the receiving end.

Other issues include finding a method of serialisation for ilImage objects, as well as portable, network-byte order representation of ilImage objects, to allow them to be transferred across heterogeneous networks.

Finally, the modules should be able to use both the TCP and UDP families of connections. The former provides reliable transfer at the cost of transfer speed, and the latter provides higher transfer speed with no guarantees about the reliability of the transfer.

Kevin Pulo