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6.2.4 Asynchronous operation with events and callbacks

It has been noted in Section 5.8.3 that problems arise due to Stereocam's synchronous nature, in the asynchronous world of the ImageVision Library, Digital Media Library and the XWindows system.

As such, an enticing possibility is to convert the entire framework and design to be asynchronous. This would allow it to slide seamlessly into the main XWindow event loop, in the same way that the ImageVision Library does currently. The conversion would be fairly straightforward, once the asynchronous design has been devised, since much of the existing code can be rewritten. For example, the code inside the getImage() methods in the Input classes would find a home in some sort of ``NewImageReceivedEvent'', generated by the Input modules asynchronously as the system calls back the methods for receiving new data from the camera.

Kevin Pulo