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5.1 Overview

The implementation is centered around SGI's line of Irix based workstations, particularly the Indy and \( \textrm{O}_{2} \) series.

The system has been written in ANSI C++, using the STL (Standard Template Library), developed using the MIPSpro version 7.3 C++ environment for Irix 6.2 and above.

For storing, manipulating and displaying images, the system is centered around SGI's ImageVision Library version 3.2.1, and for obtaining images from video input sources SGI's Digital Media Video Library version 6.5.4m is used. As such, the system requires recent SGI hardware and software to run. Irix 6.5 on an SGI Indy, \( \textrm{Indigo}^{2} \) or \( \textrm{O}_{2} \) (or higher) system is recommended, and the ImageVision, Digital Media and MIPSpro C++ runtime environments16 must be installed.

Kevin Pulo