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This module writes one or more images to files, again using the ImageVision ilFileImg class. It can write any file format supported by ImageVision, such as SGI RGB, GIF, Jpeg, Tiff, etc.

Valid names for this module are file, image, ilfile, imagefile, still, stillimage, or stillfile.

It accepts many parameters, all of which are optional.

The -filename, -name, -base and -filenamebase options specify the ``base'' of the output filename, which defaults to stereocam-out. This is the left-most portion of the filenames that are used to store the images.

The -format option specifies the name of the format to write, and the -extension option specifies the extension to use at the end of the filename. If either of these is omitted, the other is used in its place, and both default to ``sgi'', to use the SGI RGB format.

If the -multi or -many options are specified, then the module uses multi output mode. In multi output mode, the module continually writes the images passed in putImage() to file, but when not in multi output mode the module only writes the first image given to file.

The final filename used when writing a file depends on two things, whether multi mode is enabled, and whether the StereoImage given has both left and right components or only one. The format is filenamebase[.xxx][.left].extension, where filenamebase is the base filename, xxx is the current frame number, padded with zeros, if multi mode is enabled19, left or right is included as appropriate if the StereoImage has both left and right components, and extension is the extension selected, such as sgi.

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