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This module uses the ImageVision ilRotZoomImg class to arbitrarily rotate and zoom StereoImages.

The -rotate and -angle parameters are followed by an arbitrary floating point rotation angle in degrees counter-clockwise to rotate the StereoImage. The default angle is 0.0.

The -zoom parameter is followed by the floating point zoom (scaling) factor. Alternatively, the -horizontal (or -horiz), and -vertical (or -vert) parameters can be used to specify independent horizontal and vertical zoom factors. The default zoom factor is 1.0.

The image dimensions are scaled according to the specified zoom factors, however, it does not take into account free rotations. This means that initially, some of the rotated image is not viewable, however, all the image data is there.

The valid names for this module are rotzoom, zoomrot, rotate, rot, rotation, freerotate, zoom and scale.

Kevin Pulo