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5.2.2 Image related

The StereoImage class directly uses the ImageVision library, by storing the left and right components as private ilImage objects. Accessor methods getLeft(), setLeft(), getRight(), setRight(), getBoth() and setBoth() exist to get and set the components. The hasNone(), hasLeft(), hasRight() and hasBoth() methods exist as described in Section 4.2.1. The dimension of the image is stored as an object of type Dimension, and the identifier stored of type Ident. Again, accessor methods exist to get and set both the StereoImage's dimension and identifier.

The Dimension class simply stores integers for the \( x \) and \( y \) dimensions, and provides accessor methods for both.

The Ident class is currently non-operative, and is simply defined to be an integer at this point in the project. This may prove adequate, or more sophistication may be required.

Kevin Pulo