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5.6.4 Synchronisation of cameras

To synchronise two remote cameras to take a 10 images, rotating accordingly and then writing to image files. Assume that the server is named serverhost and has the right camera, and the remote computer has the left camera.

First, the server runs the following command.

stereocam -input camera -count 10 -sync network

-output file capture-right -multi -process orient cw

Then, when it is waiting for the synchronisation connection, the remote computer runs the following command.

stereocam -input camera -count 10 -sync network serverhost

-output file capture-left -multi -process orient ccw

The two computers will synchronise and attempt to capture the images simultaneously.

If these images are subsequently transferred to a single machine, they can then be played back quite simply.

stereocam -input file capture-left.%03d.sgi

capture-right.%03d.sgi -output screen

Kevin Pulo