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5.8.1 C++ environment

This is a technical issue, which concerns the C++ development environment. Originally, a less then recent version of the development tools were being used, under the assumption that they would work without any major problems. Unfortunately, this was not the case, particularly where the C++ Standard Template Library (STL), and much time was lost to debugging and isolating quirks in the C++ environment, and subsequently in upgrading the environment.

In addition, the alternative GNU C++ (g++) compiler was tried, along with the corresponding GNU C++ library (libg++). Unfortunately, these were found to be less attractive than the native SGI MIPSpro tools in terms of reliability and code generation.

The solution to this problem was to install the latest versions of the C++ MIPSpro development environment, and to ensure that all the C++ code in the system was strictly ANSI C++ compatible.

Kevin Pulo