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This module reads one or more images from a file, using the ImageVision ilFileImg class. It can read any file format supported by ImageVision, such as SGI RGB, GIF, Jpeg, Tiff, etc.

Valid names for this module are file, image or ilfile.

It requires one or two parameters to be specified, being the filename of the left and/or right image files. If only one filename is specified it is assumed to be the left image file.

Further, it can read a series of numbered files by specifying a printf-style decimal format code in the filename. This will be expanded to the current frame, and the module will continue reading images until no more exist. For example, if the filenames specified are foo-left.%03d.sgi and foo-right.%03d.sgi, then the module will read the files foo-left.000.sgi, foo-right.000.sgi, foo-left.001.sgi, foo-right.001.sgi, foo-left.002.sgi, foo-right.002.sgi, and so on until no more files remain.

Kevin Pulo