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Kevin Pulo
Last updated: 2000-02-24


This web site aims to be a collection of material which gives some insights into some of the perceived problems with the QuakeLives project and its leader, Slade. Many people, the author included, have become extremely upset and irate at the behaviour of this group, especially Slade, as we have observed it.

About the author

Kevin Pulo can be contacted at and goes went by the nickname devkev on GamesNET IRC. He is was a coder in the QuakeWorld Forever project, which is a direct competitor to the QuakeLives project.

As such, you can understandably infer some bias in the material on this site. However, verbatim transcripts are free from bias and modifications. Naturally, commentary and other material by the author might not be unbiased.


This stuff is roughly in reverse chronological order. That means that the most recent stuff is up the top, and if you want to read the story from the beginning, you should work from the bottom up.

"Local" links are links to material on the same site as this page, other links point to some other source of the material, usually its origin.

Link(s) Description
[ Slashdot | Local ] Slashdot story covering the downloading agreement GPL violation and John Carmack's .plan update.
[ Local ] Email to Slade explaining the nature of the GPL violation in the downloading agreement, including replies.
[ Blue's | Local ] John Carmack's .plan response to the downloading agreement.
[ QuakeLives | Local ] The new downloading agreement as found on the QuakeLives downloads page. This is a violation of the GPL, as outlined in emails above.
[ Local ] The QuakeLives 2.54 beta binaries were made available without source on the Mega-TF website. Slade claimed that these beta binaries were posted by Mega-TF without his permission, and that they weren't supposed to be public (and that when 2.54 was released, it would be with full source). This email from the head Mega-TF developer, Ambush, shows that Slade gave Mega-TF permission to distribute the 2.54 beta binaries, and so catches Slade redhanded in a deliberate lie.
[ Local ] Another bizarre email from Slade avoiding the topic completely.
[ Local ] John Carmack has the last word on the conversations started by Endy's IRC log above.
[ Local ] Kevin Pulo also replied to Slade's 'Aesop' email above, this is that conversation.
[ Local ] Joseph Carter replied to Slade's 'Aesop' email above, this is that conversation.
[ Local ] Email from Endy to John Carmack containing an IRC log in which Slade insinuates he is exempt from the GPL. Followed by Slade's nonsensical reply.
[ Local ] Email from John Carmack to Slade (cc'd to Joseph Carter and Richard Stallman) regarding several issues, including the GPL and QuakeLives 2.53, followed by Slade's reply.
[ Local ] Essay illustrating the GPL violations in QuakeLives 2.53, including the flaw in Slade's defense, by Kevin Pulo. COMING SOON.
[ Local ] Email from Zephaniah E. Hull (Mercury, QuakeForge member, Debian developer, former QuakeLives member) to several people (including Wench and the QuakeForge Developers mailing list) on the situation, including his resignation as the QuakeLives "Interproject Relations Specialist". Includes a verbatim transcript of a conversation between Slade and Mercury (when he was the QuakeLives "Interproject Relations Specialist").
[ Local ] Joseph Carter's response to Wench's interview with Slade. No response received.
[ Local verbatim | LadiesTF ] Interview with Slade conducted by Wench from LadiesTF. Commentary COMING SOON.
[ Local verbatim ] IRC transcript from a conversation in #console on Gamesnet between some QWF members and QL members. Commentary COMING SOON.
[ Local ] Commentary on the situation at this point from Joseph Carter (KnghtBrd). (This email was directed to the QuakeForge Developer's mailing list, who had been considering a partnership offer from QuakeLives.)
[ Local ] Email from Conan Ford (Barbarian) to Slade requesting the source for QuakeLives 2.51. (This email was sent within the 2 days Slade mentions he gave out source in.)
[ Local ] Email conversation between Kevin Pulo and Slade regarding the GPL violations in QuakeLives 2.51.
[ Local ] Essay illustrating the GPL violations in QuakeLives 2.51, by Kevin Pulo. No substantial rebuttal to this has been put forward by QuakeLives.
[ Local | GamersX ] The full message tree from Gamers Extreme after all posts.
[ Local | GamersX ] A followup post by Joseph Carter which reveals some of the flaws in the argument, and Dalroth's credability.
[ Local | GamersX ] A post on Gamers Extreme by Dalroth which details the argument put forth by the QuakeLives project as to why QuakeLives 2.51 did not violate the GPL. (This URL was being advertised in #console at the time.)

Related resources

Link(s) Description
[ GNU ] Full text of the GNU General Public License (GPL)
[ Local | BluesNews ] John Carmack's .plan message regarding Quake cheating.
[ Local | Slashdot ] Slashdot story on the Quake 1 source code release.
[ Local | Slashdot ] Slashdot story on the Quake 1 cheating.
[ Local | Slashdot ] Slashdot followup story on the Quake 1 cheating by Eric S. Raymond.
[ iD ] Quake 1 source code
[ Local ] Some guy's essay on how people should be authenticated, not binaries. COMING SOON.
[ Local ] Essay describing how QuakeWorld Forever's security method is GPL compliant. COMING SOON.

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