From Tue Feb 22 14:08:17 2000
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 21:30:03 -0600
From: John Carmack 
To: "J.Brown [Ender/Amigo]" ,
Subject: Re: I'm sure your sick of this now, but Further GPL  issues/questions.

I sent this to slade. I have traded a few civil emails with him about implementation options, and I will be a bit surprised if his next release is a clear violation of the GPL.

I AM getting a bit worried that this might become a focus on some of the wiggle room in the GPL, which I think would be a bad thing to have to fight out.

It seems like I get an IRC log almost every day from someone who is pissed off at you. I'm not going to be involved in any personality disputes between people, but please keep things factually correct.

Id Software IS the only licenser of QuakeWorld. There are other companies with the rights to create derived binary versions (raven, valve, ion, ritual, raven, EA, etc) of the codebase, but they are restricted to specific new titles.

You ARE bound by the GPL. There is grey area about exactly what actions are permissable under the GPL, which I hope don't get too strongly disputed, but please don't try and claim that none of it applies to you.

John Carmack