From Fri Feb 18 13:48:00 2000
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 23:00:04 -0800
From: Joseph Carter 
To: Amelia Harmer 
Subject: [ [Quake-devel] QuakeLives "partnership"]

The link to your interview with Slade was just given to me 10 minutes ago. I read it, and immediately thought you should read this. Mercury and I were talking to Slade about partnerships and all, but it was not three days afterward I discovered exactly why QW Forever is so "hostile" to Slade and QuakeLives in general.

I apologize for not making this message (it's long) more public sooner. I generally figured at the time I would be best to post it just to our lists for commentary from our people before it was more widely circulated, but then I got busy (I'm a full-time student) and it hasn't really gone anywhere since.

Still, I do not believe anyone in QuakeForge considers us and QuakeLives "close allies" given that Slade misrepresented himself, his interests, and several important facts to us. This all became very clear shortly after we spoke.

If you could do so, please set the record straight regarding QuakeForge's involvement with QuakeLives. We would generally not like to be associated as "close allies" with people we have serious moral disagreements with.

We are doing our best to play by all of the rules, but it unfortunately seems Slade of QuakeLives does not believe he is accountable to the same standards. I'm sorry to pull you into this gibfest of words, but I feel I must say something at least to keep our project and the countless hours of hard work it represents in the clear.

Thank you for your time.

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[ Ed: Attached to this email was Joseph Carter's 'QuakeLives "partnership"' email, which has as attachments the email conversation between Kevin Pulo and Slade, and Conan Ford's request for QuakeLives 2.51 source. ]