Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 05:15:17 EST
From: Quake Lives 
Subject: Re: [Quake-devel] RE: [Openquartz-general] Models added.

1) Unfortunately I am not eligeble to be a US President.
2) If you spell GPL backwards you get LPG, what this means I dont know but I noticed it anyhow.
3) You used 124 capital letters in this Email.

-- Slade

-- Slade, Leader of Quakelives, First Ambassador of the City of Atlastis, and ruler of several small countries.

> From: Joseph Carter 
> To:
> CC:, 
> Subject: Re: [Quake-devel] RE: [Openquartz-general] Models added.
> Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 10:45:33 -0800
> // Cc to John Carmack, whom I suspect didn't know he was helping QL
> // rewrite QuakeWorld to be more secure...
> On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 04:28:06AM -0500, Erich Heintz wrote:
> [from the QuakeLives news page]
> > January 30th, 2000 - 2:14 AM - Patches Offline , Help Wanted!
> > Slade has asked for us to take the patches temporarily offline for review.
> > He has been in contact with John Carmack of Id Software, and they have been
> > helping us in various ways to make our client/server alot better/secure!
> Damn, forget QuakeLives--with PR people like that Slade could be the next
> US president. (Now THERE is a job where constantly misrepresenting both
> yourself and others (not to mention outright lies) are useful...)
> John, this is exactly what I'm talking about. As I recall you said that
> those patches without source were a GPL violation. So he had them
> removed. And removed because you're apparently helping them write
> something better. Hey, you _might_ be doing just that I don't know. But
> given QuakeLives' track record for distorting facts on their website,
> somehow I question it.
> By looking at their website you'd never know that they'd pulled it because
> of GPL problems which they want to resolve. And this is only the second
> time they've pulled a release because they didn't want to publish source.
> Several people have asked for source under the GPL and been refused
> because Slade says he doesn't have to provide it. The 2.51 source has yet
> to be released (Slade conveniently "lost" it) and now he's trying to get
> around a 2.53 source release as well.
> Yeah sure Slade pulled it---how many people downloaded it before he did?
> If he doesn't have to provide source, he has essentially gotten away with
> a binary-only release. I have a copy right here. Many people do. And
> we're entitled to the source. Just as they're entitled to our source.
> That's how it's _SUPPOSED_ to work, if QuakeLives would stop being openly
> dishonest and defiant of the GPL.