From Tue Feb 22 14:02:01 2000
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 19:41:42 +1100
From: "J.Brown [Ender/Amigo]" 
Subject: I'm sure your sick of this now, but Further GPL issues/questions.


Well, I guess your probably sick of hearing about this right now, but I've just been talking to Slade (of QuakeLives). I'm on a rival group, developing a secure encrypted version of QL, which explains my aggressiveness in the log below :) But Joseph Carter <> insisted I mail this log to you, so here it is. I'm sure we would all REALLY appretiate a .plan update about this, expecially if Slade's allegation he's exempt from the GPL is true.. Read below to find out what I'm talking about :)

== Ender, QuakeWorld Forever & the Quake Standards Group

[19:04]<Endy>heh, we have intercooperation going here.
[19:04]<Endy>Also, QWF is part of the Quake Engine Developement Board.
[19:04]<Slade>whose dat?
[19:04]<Endy>'tis a standards discussion group, directed by the QSG.
[19:04]<Endy>'tis formed by Tyrann, Topaz, Pheonix (of the QER), Maddes (QIP), a few QWF guys, a few QF guys, the D3DQuake guy.. the AmigaQuake guys..
[19:04]<Slade>on telefrgged?
[19:04]<Endy>You know. Everyone who is anyone type thing. :P
[19:05]<Slade>never heard it called that before
[19:05]<Endy>well, it's moving to soon. :P
[19:05]<Endy>No, this is a new thing.
[19:05]<Endy>the Quake Standards Group just set it up
[19:05]<Endy>you might be invited too, when you start releasing full source. :P
[19:06]<Slade>why would i wanna do that?
[19:06]<Endy>why would you want to be invited, or why would you want to release full source? :P
[19:07]<Endy>yes too..? :P
[19:08]<Endy>the last because otherwise jc's going to get very pissed off. and if you don't do the last you won't be invited.
[19:08]<Slade>jc's not pissed at me
[19:09]<Endy>and you want to be invited because otherwise you'll miss out in all the amazing stuff we are going to come out with :P
[19:09]<Slade>you'll GPL it
[19:09]<Slade>and i'll take it
[19:09]*Endy quotes you on that :P
[19:09]<Slade>actually the thing you have to remember
[19:10]<Slade>is you dont know if i'm under the GPL license or not
[19:10]<Slade>am i under the GPL license?
[19:10]<Slade>can you prove this?
[19:11]<Endy>QL has to be under the GPL license.
[19:11]<Slade>or are you just assuming
[19:11]<Slade>no they dont
[19:12]<Endy>Because it's derived from the QuakeWorld source.
[19:13]<Slade>the quakeworld source is released under about 5 diffrent licenses
[19:13]<Slade>1 of which is GPL
[19:13]<Endy>the source you are working from is licensed under the GPL.
[19:14]<Slade>how do you know?
[19:14]<Endy>because it can't be licensed under anything else. The source release was licensed, formally, as carmack constantly states, under the GPL.
[19:14]<Endy>Superceding all possible former licenses.
[19:15]<Slade>not at all
[19:15]<Slade>the GPL is just a license
[19:15]<Slade>it can be overwritten by any other license that the licenser wants
[19:15]<Slade>thats the LAW
[19:16]<Endy>THe licenser has not given you any other license tho :P
[19:16]<Slade>how do you know?
[19:17]<Endy>because this mail from carmack here says so.
[19:18]<Slade>1 as of that date it says that
[19:18]<Slade>and 2
[19:19]<Slade>Id software isnt the only licenser of QuakeWorld
[19:19]<Slade>please remember that
[19:19]*Slade smirks, hmm. deeper then you thought
[19:19]<Slade>perhaps we should continue this conversation more after you've done more research :)
[19:19]<Endy>well.. when carmack says something like:
[19:20]<Endy>"I went and looked at exactly what
[19:20]<Endy>QuakeLives is doing with regards to the gpl.
[19:20]<Endy>It sure sounds as though QL is bound by the gpl
[19:21]<Slade>as far as he knows
[19:21]<Slade>carmack doesnt know everything
[19:21]<Slade>he assumed
[19:21]<Slade>or assumes
[19:22]<Slade>just you you and everyone else
[19:22]<Endy>I see.
[19:22]<Slade>theres an old saying about people who assume
[19:22]<Endy>Well, Let me do my reseach, then we will continue.
[19:22]*Endy shakes your hand.
[Log Closed: 19:23, Thu 03/02/2000]

From Tue Feb 22 14:02:06 2000
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 05:32:30 EST
From: Quake Lives 
Subject: Re: I'm sure your sick of this now, but Further GPL issues/questions.

I like Aesop's Fables:

Fable - Don't eat the yellow snow.
Moral - Yellow snow will make you very unhappy if you eat it.

Fable - The Ass And The Lapdog
Moral - Adults are not to act like children.

-- Slade

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