I've been around and working with software under the GPL license for almost 10 years now. I've seen some very good things come out of it, and in the past I have been a strong supporter of the GPL, I still am to a great extent, well the spirit of the GPL at any rate. For without this great license, it is very doubtful that Id would have made their (in)famous release of the code that most of our work is based upon. In the past months I've had a great deal of problems with the GPL people regarding the QuakeLives project. I am very sad to say that my experiences with these people show that the GPL community as a whole has completely forgotten what they set out to do in the first place, people coming and expecting source codes and explanations and other favors because they believe they have a right to it, not because they wish to use this code to improve it, or use it for their own works, but simply because they wanted it. Out of everyone who ever asked me for the code, everyone demanded it saying it's his or her god-given right to the code. Not a single person said they wanted it for fixing up the numerous bugs, or adding to it, or anything that the GPL is supposed to stand for. So, disappointed with what the community has become, I've decided to take a stand, not for the purpose of avoiding the GPL(most of our sensitive code is not under the GPL so this would not be important at any rate), but to improve the condition of the GPL community as well as the gaming society as a whole. People who speak to us, do it publicly and have their own public intentions and not the benefit to the public(the P in GPL is public) as a whole. And even one of the head coders of Id Software suggested obfuscating the code before releasing to aid in making it difficult to figure out. This defies the real purpose of the GPL as well. So the basic limitation here is the legal letters of the law, where obfuscating the code is 'legal' according to the letter of the law. It completely violates the purposes of the GPL. The legal issues, however, are easily overcome.

You do have a right to the source code, under the GPL. This is law. However much like the Constitutional American "Right to Bear Arms". I have the right to deny you access for exercising this right. While you can bear a concealed handgun, you are not allowed to bring it on a public bus, or many places of business. The signs usually say something like 'No firearms beyond this point'. Which is basically making people to give up their Constitutional rights to bear arms. The rules here will be similar.

To download binaries or proceed into this site, you have to give up your rights under the GPL. Specifically the rights regarding access to the source code. And while we are obligated to offer you the source code, for up to 3 years until we stop releasing this. To gain access to this site, you are obligated not to ask.

Please note that you have no right to access the binaries, source code or artwork ("Content") produced by QuakeLives or the content herein without specifically agreeing to this. Any other access is illegal. And being as the GPL only regulates HOW we distribute, it does not regulate WHO we distribute to, if you do not agree to this, QuakeLives does not give you permission to access the Content of this site, hence, you legally are not allowed access to these files and doing so is punishable by law.

Also note that you are still allowed to distribute the works within freely, but please be aware that software contained herein is still under the GPL and you personally will be responsible for the licensing restrictions of the GPL. So I strongly suggest that you have people you send to agree to similar terms.

For all those who really don't care about this and just want the game so they can play, I apologize for the delay this has caused.

-- Slade