BSc (Adv) Honours Thesis

A Flexible Network Simulator for
Multiple Server Virtual World Systems
  • Title: A Flexible Network Simulator for Multiple Server Virtual World Systems
  • Author: Kevin Pulo
  • Supervisor: Michael E. Houle
  • Status: Graduated
  • Submission date: January 2001
  • Location: School of Information Technologies (formerly the Basser Department of Computer Science), University of Sydney

A virtual world is an artificial environment, created inside a computer, which mimics some aspect of the real world. Virtual worlds are often multiuser, which means that many people may be present in the virtual world simultaneously and may interact with each another and the virtual environment. With the advent of the global Internet connectivity, users from all over the real world may participate in multiuser virtual worlds and interact without any regard for geographic boundaries.

However, achieving believable realism is not easy and there are several factors which can hinder a user's virtual world experience. In order to avoid these kinds of problems and provide the best possible experience, the underlying network must be designed and implemented carefully.

This thesis presents a tool which can guide the design and implementation of virtual world systems to avoid potential problems. This is achieved by simulating the system in various scenarios and evaluating the performance of the system and the potential solutions.

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The software which was developed in the course of this thesis, uses the Library of Efficient Data structures and Algorithms (LEDA), which is not freely available. As such, this software is unfortunately not available for download.

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