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4.4 Automatically altering sample plane of hedgehog or streamlines module

There is no easy way to automatically (that is, using controls in the network such as animated integer) alter the sample plane used by the hedgehog or streamlines modules. This is desirable for an animation of hedgehogs or streamlines through many planes in a 3D dataset, as in the third visualisation.

Sadly, other modules such as orthogonal slicer and crop have their limitations as well, making them unsuitable for preprocessing input of the hedgehog or streamlines modules. The orthogonal slicer's output is not compatible with hedgehog or streamlines (different dimensionality) and causes an error when used, and crop merely throws away data, rather than limiting where the hedgehog or streamlines modules may place their sample plane.

The solution for this was to manually generate each frame, by using the Geometry Viewer's Transform Object feature to move the sample plane, and then using the usual AVS 5 modules to save the frame.

Kevin Pulo