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4.3 Constant colour scales over time

In AVS 5, it is sometimes particularly hard to get colour scales which are remain constant over an animation. This is because the colourmap is generated for each timestep of the dataset individually, as a direct result of the color scale module and the way different field files are used for each timestep. The result is a colour scale which changes for each timestep in an animation, which, if severe, can seriously impede the visualisation any scientific meaning it may have.

The second visualisation suffered from this problem, fortunately, though, the problem was minor. The colour scale never changed by more than about 5% overall, and was always in the same regime of values. However, the correct way to solve this problem is to construct a colour map which is valid for all the timesteps of the animation, and then feed this directly into the appropriate module without the use of the color range module (though the color range module may be useful in obtaining the colourmap).

Kevin Pulo