About this site
Kevin Pulo is a Software and Systems Technologist (ie. Computer Nerd) living in Sydney, Australia, with experience and skills in
  • Software Development/Engineering,
  • High Performance Computing,
  • Visualisation and Graphics,
  • DevOps,
  • Systems Engineering, and
  • Parallel/Distributed Programming,
  • among others.

He has completed a PhD in Computer Science (Information Visualisation) at the University of Sydney, having also previously completed a BSc (Adv, Hons) there.

A strong believer in Free Software, this site contains his software, projects, writings, links, and so on.

This site is still far from completion, but does still have a fair amount of content. More material will be added in the near future. Links which aren't yet ready are greyed out.

You can contact Kev by email at kev at pulo dot com dot au, or @_devkev_ on twitter.

Use my public key to send encrypted email or files to me, and to verify emails or files that I have signed. The key fingerprint is 94A4 D2B6 85E6 A46A 5330 74F3 199C 4F85 563D C85F.


Research work
Publications and Presentations

PhD Thesis (2004)

BSc (Adv) Honours Thesis (2000) Research interests:
  • Information visualisation and graph drawing
  • Animated and interactive visualisation
  • Clustered graphs and clustering algorithms
  • Computational geometry
  • Immersive environments
  • Multi-monitor desktop/window management and usability

  • Parallel computing and programming
  • HPC system management

Courses taught
Computer Science High Performance Computing

4th year Computer Science Honours 3rd year Computer Science

Graphics by GIMP vim Slackware Linux
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