Osborne 1

The first computer I ever hacked on. Various bits and pieces about the Osborne 1 model computer.

Currently the pictures are just sitting in a directory, but eventually it'll be setup with a nice photo gallery. Some of the photos suck (poor lighting mostly), I'll get rid of these later.

I hope to have copies of all my Osborne 1 disks online, including stuff I've written, startup/system disks, and other Osborne 1 software. I'm getting a bit worried about bit rot eating the disks... :(

I plan to scan, and maybe OCR, the entire Osborne 1 User's Reference Guide, and maybe some other O1 related technical documents. However, they'll deteriorate much slower than the disks, and it'll be quite a big job, too.

Kevin Pulo, kev at pulo dot com dot au


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