Stereocam Project

The Stereocam System is software for SGI workstations for capturing and displaying stereo imagery, both stills and movies. In particular, it allows two Indycams to be used as a stereo camera, displaying using the CrystalEyes shutter glasses.

I wrote the Stereocam system as part of a 3rd year Talented Students' Project in my Bachelor of Science (Advanced Program, majoring in Computer Science) degree at the University of Sydney.

I've been too busy to package up the source or binaries, but I hope to get around to it sometime soon. The source is rather tricky to compile anyway, and relies on several libraries as well. When it is released, it will be under the GNU Public License (GPL). In the meantime, though, the reports I wrote for this project on its Design, Specification and Implementation are available in HTML and Postscript formats. The "Design and Implementation" report is based on the "Specifications and Design" report, and so is the more useful of the two.

Kevin Pulo, kev at pulo dot com dot au

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