IOCCC 2001

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC) is a worldwide contest held amongst C hackers to push the boundaries of hard-to-read and unusual C code. There are various rules and asdf for contest entries, in particular, the size of the entry is limited to 2048 bytes.

I entered the 2001 IOCCC and was awarded the Best curses Game prize for my Network Pong entry. The program is a two-player networked version of the eighties arcade classic, "pong". It uses standard TCP sockets to communicate over the net, and ncurses for display. It supports variable terminal sizes (though both players must have the same terminal size) and game speeds. Each player has a paddle to hit the ball, and you get points for getting the ball past your opponent's paddle. It's pretty fun! :)

You can get the code, a Makefile and a README (of sorts). As per the IOCCC rules, the code is in the public domain.

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