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C++ Standard library

The standard C++ library is a collection of functions, constants, classes and objects that extends the C++ language providing basic functionality to interact with the operating system and some standard classes, objects and algorithms that may be commonly needed. They can be divided in three main groups:
C standard library
Set of functions, constants and variables available also in C language. They are divided in different header files:
stdio.h, stdlib.h, string.h, time.h, math.h, ...
(available also with the names cstdio, cstdlib, cstring, ctime, cmath, with the only difference that if included thus their content is declared within the std namespace)
iostream library
Object-oriented library. Describes a hierarchy of classes, constants and objects designed to perform input and output operations using streams. more...
STL (Standard Template Library) (under construction)
Set of standard class templates including vectors, queues, lists, strings, sets, maps, etc...
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