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2.3.4 display

The display program reads a clustered dataset from standard input and displays it graphically in an X window, showing the points of each cluster in a different colour. It can also show the Delaunay diagram, the representatives of the clustering and the edges from the points to their representatives (the ``\( M(C) \)'' edges).


display [OPTIONS]

Outputs a brief usage message.
Output debugging information.
-nodesize <int>
This takes an integer as a parameter, which specifies the radius of the displayed nodes.
Toggles showing the delaunay triangulation of the points (default off).
Toggles showing the representatives points (default on).
Toggles showing the \( M(C) \) edges (default on).
Interactive commands available in the display window:

Quits the program.
Toggles the drawing of the Delaunay triangulation.
Toggles the drawing of the representatives.
Toggles the drawing of the \( M(C) \) edges.

Kevin Pulo